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Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd - Leading Thai Rice & Thai modity Exporters
Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd - Leading Thai Rice & Thai modity Exporters
Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd - Leading Thai Rice & Thai modity Exporters

Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd. (TRF) is one of the largest privately owned Thailand rice export & Thai modity exporters in Thailand.
TRF is engaged in the manufacturing, supplying, exporting, wholesale and distribution of Thailand rice that is of the
finest grade and es with impeccable nutritional value.

TRF is a leading Thai modity exporters & also trade in wheat,
Soybean meal, Corn, barley, pulse, tapioca, maize and sugar products. Conducting business from last 35 years. The group have shares in chemical, fiber plants and agro industries in Thailand and India.

As the world demand for agriculture products continues its dramatic growth Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd. has embarked on a modernization program throughout its grain warehousing and handling facilities. The latest technologies in processing and handling give Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd. a significant advantage in today’s marketplace.

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